Work Experience


Sr. Staff Observability Engineer

I focus on a cross-signal approach to Observability, working to make software systems understandable for Shopify’s engineers. Notable projects include metadata exploration of massive amounts of telemetry, and OpenTelemetry-native telemetry pipelines collecting data from edge devices.


Lead Observability Engineer

I worked on improving observability and processes at an early stage startup. I also worked to improve data infrastructure both to support CrossnoKaye scientists, but also real-time customer-facing graphing features of the product.


Staff Engineer - Observability and Site Reliability Engineering

I focused on improving the overall reliablity of GitHub through better processes, monitoring, and engineering; and also by improving the lives and skills of the people around me.

Braintree Payments

Tech Lead - Production Engineer

Responsible for the overall technical direction and execution of day to day site-reliability tasks, including datacenter management and software deploys. A significant focus in my work is on mentorship and team-building.

Production Engineer

Responsible for maintenance of Braintree production datacenters, including configuration management, hardware buildout, automation of systems administration, monitoring, and some legacy production services. I do a lot of work with HAProxy.



Work on maintaining and improving wikiHow’s public infrastructure. Improve configuration management, security, and datacenter management.

Cisco Meraki

Infrastructure Engineer

Responsible for building out and scaling the infrastructure that powers Cisco Meraki’s cloud-hosted networking management. Specific duties include: datacenter bringup (from provider negotiation to bootstrapping machines), on-call rotation, general linux system administration, database administration, scripting and automation, monitoring, and performance tuning.

Backend Engineer

Responsible for general backend Rails/scala application work, including distributed database synchronization scripts, data collection/aggregation daemons, on-call rotation, Salesforce administration and automation.

Technical Support

Worked with Cisco Meraki end-customers to troubleshoot networking issues across a wide range of products and topologies. Additionally responsible for handling escalations and high-touch customers, and for maintaining the customer-facing knowledge-base.


Internal Technology Resident

Provided internal IT support for Google employees across all major (and minor) hardware/software platforms.


Rochester Institute of Technology

BS Applied Networking and Systems Administration

This degree focused on traditional systems and network administration, including scripting and light programming.

Specifically, the networking portion focused on a theoretical understanding of all layers of the OSI model (and the protocols used at each), and the hands-on configuration of various network toplogies on Cisco equipment.

The systems administration portion focused on classical mixed-environment (linux and Windows) systems administration, with a heavy focus on standards compliance, documentation, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

Scripting was taught in bash and perl, and some light client/server programming was taught in Java.


I am currently located in Chicago, IL. I am not interested in relocating at this time.

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